Amazing Katamari Damacy Is a New Runner in the Quirky Franchise

Amazing Katamari Demacy

Amazing Katamari Demacy is the latest entry into Bandai Namco’s wonderfully weird Katamari Demacy franchise. Players roll their Katamari as it picks up various objects in this 3D runner. As with Katamari Demacy games, as players pick up objects, their ball gets bigger and they can start picking up larger objects. Hitting objects that are too big, or some of the hazards in the game can lead to your run ending. There are new objects to unlock, coins to collect, and new things to roll over. Amazing Katamari Demacy attempts to capture the quirkiness of the core franchise with oddball objects like cats on skateboards, planes that have a person on them, and more. The game has been in its soft launch phase for some time, and has only now made its global debut.

Amazing Katamari Demacy is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and a trailer with more information:

Collect unique objects, rainbow curios and golden gizmos to put back the stars on the night sky. Every completed constellation grants extra bonuses.

Roll as far as you can while collecting valuable items. Run down the endless cosmic rainbow and get the biggest highscore the galaxy has ever seen!

Your royal relatives Foomin, Marny, Fujio, Macho, Opeo and Nik are ready to rumble. Upgrade each and every one of them to unleash their full potential.

Jump over all-devouring black holes and avoid hazards including cats on skateboards, charging cows and a parade of zoo animals.

Interested? Check out Amazing Katamari Demacy on Google Play.