The Alchemist Code Tips, Tricks, and Advice

The Alchemist Code tips & tricks

gumi Inc’s “The Alchemist Code” is here, and this guide is designed to help gamers get the most of the SRPG. It includes Alchemist Code tips to help users get the most out of their gems, save time, and avoid early mistakes.

Evolving Units

Unit evolution raises a unit’s number of stars by one. It also raises the unit’s level cap, job level cap, and number of possible limit breaks. Evolution does not raise stats, a 4 star unit does not suddenly become more powerful once it becomes a 5 star unit. Evolution can require 4 types of ingredients:

Zeni: The game’s basic currency, evolving a unit from 4 to 5 stars will cost 150,000 Zeni

Golem, Godess Jar, Alchemia:

  • Purchasable in the Multiplay Coin Exchange
  • Can be obtained through Alchemia Hunt (Fridays), Golem Games (Saturdays), and Goddess Worship (Sundays) daily events
  • Can be obtained in the Golem Games, Goddess Worship, and Alchemia Hunt multiplay quests

The Alchemist Code tips: Useful things to know

  • The Alchemist Code does not support Google Play Games cloud saves. If you want to transfer your progress to a new device, you’ll need to use the game’s Facebook Login option. Lost your Alchemist Code account due to an error or device issues? You can contact gumi inc. and attempt to recover it. . Note that guest accounts cannot be recovered, and you should write down your account number (options → player info) in case you have any issues in the game.
  • Alchemist Code tips: account recovery

  • The frame around a unit’s portrait signifies his or her job level
  • You can skip arena fights by tapping options and then skip.
  • Multiplay matches cost half as much stamina as regular events
  • You get rewards for the first 10 players you meet in multiplay
  • The Alchemist Code gives you two “sub” character slots. The characters in these slots will appear in place of any heroes that might fall in battle. These characters get the same amount of experience as the rest of your party even if they don’t participate in the battle. That means that you can easily level up low level units by putting them in your sub slots when farming the Apple Garden event.
  • Mixing job skills is a great way to speed up farming. For example, the “Wild Shot” AoE basic bow skill can be used by Elaine and Mizuchi even if you change their jobs to thief. That means that they’ll have the higher mobility and agility of a thief along with a good long range AoE attack. Just make sure to equip the “basic bow skill” after changing jobs.
  • You can have your units prioritize chests when playing in auto mode by going into auto options before battle
  • Apple Garden event monsters only take 1 damage, so focusing on having characters with high agility (lower wait time between turns) and area of effect attacks.
  • You cannot change the protagonist in story mode missions, so make sure to level up Logi and Dias.
  • The hard cap on AP (stamina) is 1000, meaning any AP that would have put you at above 1000 is wasted
  • During the soft launch and as the game launched, The Alchemist Code has had “step promo summon” events. The 3 step summon event allows users to do two 10 unit summons for only a fraction of the gems. The first 10 unit summon will only cost you 500 gems, and the second will cost you 1500. This is the most efficient way to spend gems.

The best ways to earn and spend Zeni (money) in The Alchemist Code

Earning Zeni:

  • First completion rewards include bronze ingots for normal story quests and gold ingots worth 80,000 Zeni each for hard quests
  • The daily event rotation includes Gold Rush, an event that rewards users with different ingots that can traded for Zeni when visiting the game’s shops
  • You can sell a lot of extra unused low level equipment, but try to keep a reserve of around 20 items per piece of equipment
  • Win or lose, participating in the arena gives you a bit of Zeni

The best ways to spend Zeni:

  • Upgrading skills
  • Evolution
  • Purchasing job specific equipment when it’s available in Louise’s shop
  • 10 x Zeni summons are a surprisingly good way to spend extra Zeni, but at 90,000 Zeni, it’s best to make sure you’ve taken care of everything else first.

Alchemist Code Zeni summon

Alchemist Code tips: Jobs in The Alchemist Code

Jobs determine a character’s skills and stats. Equipment is used to increase stats and once you equip all 6 items for your current job level, you can level up that job. Leveling up does not increase your stats, but lets you equip more equipment and unlocks new skills. Maxing out a job (11/11 job level, all equipment) will give your unit a small stat boost even if it changes jobs. New jobs are unlocked after limit breaking a unit 5 & 15 times, and collecting 6 required job tokens. Unlocking multiple jobs allows you to mix and match skills.

Hopefully these Alchemist Code tips will help you get the most out of the game.