Aero Smash Is a New Arcade Shooter From Beat Racer Publisher

Aero Smash

Zplay, the publisher behind Beat Racer, the SHMUP GLOBE, and shooter Original Journey is back with a new mobile arcade shoot ‘em up. Aero Smash is a 3D voxel based SHMUP that gives users 360 degree control over their fighter plane as they try to shoot everything that moves.

Taking place over a variety of locations across 10 different maps, players will take on the enemy ships and obstacles as they fly across the skies. At their disposal are a number of weapons, and range of different ships from fairly normal fighter planes to space shuttles and mechs.

Aero Smash is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description and a trailer with more information:


  • You can collect and own more than 135 kinds of planes.
  • An unknown and thrilling adventure will be started from a random unique map.
  • The world will show up as a huge map.
  • 360-degree free shooting.

Interested? Check out the arcade SHMUP on Google Play.

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