AdVenture Communist’s Global Launch is Here

AdVenture Communist

Hyper Hippo Games and Kongregate have released a sequel to the extremely popular AdVenture Capitalist. Like its predecessor, AdVenture Communist is an incremental game (or clicker/tapper if you prefer). Players need to collect resources to upgrade their means of production so that they can produce more resources. That can either be done manually by tapping (or holding) the resource button to get more potatoes, land, etc. or by acquiring more farmers, or builders, which will produce goods without the player’s input.

Though not the first game in the genre, AdVenture Capitalist helped make the clicker / incremental game genre what it is today. The game has accumulated over 10 million downloads on Google Play, and is also available on PC, iOS and even PS4. A common criticism of AdVenture Capitalist and its ilk, is that they are a waste of time and give no real sense of accomplishment when compared to games that require skill or strategy. On the other hand some find idle games to be a satisfying experience that doesn’t take up much time relative to other games. Whatever your opinion, the genre is here to stay, and some creative titles like Lost Smile and Strange Circus have sprung up as a result.

AdVenture Communist is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and an official trailer with more information:

Become glorious leader of your own Communist State, and gather resources to build ultimate super power. Dig potatoes, research experimental upgrades, and make efficient all the means of production to raise to highest ranks.

Are you seeing a few red flags? That is good thing! AdVenture Communist features State Approved Communist jokings! Because jokes about Communism aren’t funny unless everyone gets them.

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