8 of the Best Free Android Games of October 2017

Best free Android games October 2017

There is a constant flow of free games arriving on Android. Sometimes it’s hard to distinguish the clones, fake apps, and shovelware from the best free Android games. So this list is trimmed down to 8 games that all have something interesting to offer. So here are 8 of the best games to come out in October 2017, they include a home decoration game, a movie tie-in that might be better than the movie, and of course zombies.

Home Street

Home Street is the first of three home building / decorating games that are scheduled to be released this year. In Home Street players can decorate their home, customize their avatar, and unlock new stuff as they level up by completing tasks given to them by their neighbors. Home Street is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Check out Android Sloth’s review of Home Street.

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Dragon Project

Dragon Project, a mobile Monster Hunter-like game, was one of the first games released in October, and it’s definitely one of the best free Android games of 2017. In Dragon Project players are tasked with hunting a variety of monsters from fairly generic enemies to huge bosses. Up to 4 players can team up to take down the game’s various bosses. Enemies drop ingredients that can be used to craft increasingly powerful weapons and armor that can be used to defeat increasingly powerful enemies. Here is a preview of Dragon Project that will give gamers a good idea of what to expect before they jump in.

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Stranger Things: The Game

Developer BonusXP released Stranger Things: The Game on Android and iOS prior the second season’s debut on Netflix. It is made to look like a classic SNES game, and allows players to explore the town of Hawkins and its surroundings as characters from the show. The game features sections that are uniquely suited to each character, with some focusing on stealth, combat, ranged combat, racing/driving, and more. Stranger Things: The Game is free.

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Dragon Hills 2

Like its predecessor, Dragon Hills 2 has players take control of a large dragon-like creature that goes on a rampage through the streets (or hills), destroying anything it can sink its teeth into. Players can dig through terrain, buildings, bridges, and destroy everything in their path as they move forward and slaughter some peaceful zombie citizens. There are 3 different worlds to unlock and destroy, bosses to fight, and plenty of dragon upgrades to unlock along the way. Gamers can purchase upgrades using coins earned through gameplay or purchased in the game’s shop via in app purchases. Upgrades include simple things like giving your dragon more health to more exciting power ups like guns and rocket launchers. There are even new unlockable dragons. Dragon Hills 2 is free and contains ads and in app purchases.

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Digimon Links

Digimon Links is a gacha RPG with turn-based combat between two teams of 3 Digimon. Players can build their favorite team, or participate in co-op battles by taking their favorite Digimon and teaming up with two other players. Outside of combat players have access to their own personal “farm”, which acts as each player’s home village. Digimon Links is free and contains in app purchases. Check out Android Sloth’s review of the game.

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INFINIROOM is a single room endless runner, and more proof that you don’t need to make a game complicated for it to be considered among the best free Android games of the month. Players run in circles on the floor, ceiling and walls of a room while avoiding dangers stuff that will instantly kill you. As you keep playing, INFINIROOM will begin to shrink and expand, and new obstacles and hazards will begin to appear. Players start out with a single character that can jump and has a special ability that allows him to instantly switch which side of the room he is on, and start running in the opposite direction. Other characters can be unlocked by meeting certain requirements and they have their own abilities. INFINIROOM is free and contains ads & IAPs.

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Geostorm, the disaster movie starring Gerard Butler, was underwhelming. Geostorm, the game, is a nice puzzle game that looks and plays a lot like the GO series from Square-Enix. In Geostorm players move across a dangerous post-disaster environment as they navigate their way to the exit in each level. That might involve pushing a desk to get to a ledge, breaking glass with an axe, or sliding a barrel filled with fuel across the ice to cause a collision and destroy a barrier. Geostorm is free, and contains ads & IAPs.

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Into the Dead 2

The first of the new Android games this week is a perfect fit for Friday the 13th. In Into the Dead 2 players take the role of James, a protagonist who happens to be driving his truck during the zombie apocalypse. As you might expect from a truck in the introduction of any zombie story, it crashes. James is forced to make his way back to his family on foot, using whatever tools he can find along the way. That involves first person running levels where players have the option of either avoiding zombies to conserve ammo or taking a more direct and bloody approach. Into the Dead 2 is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here’s a review.

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Best free Android games of October 2017: best of the rest

Some of the notable games that have not made this month’s list of the best free Android games include the plank moving puzzle game Nodulus, Sega’s classic Beyond Oasis, and the visually pleasing Lost Smile and Strange Circus.