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5 Essential Android Games: Games everyone should try

The following 5 games are some of the essential must-play games on Android. These aren’t necessarily the best games available, but they are games that every Android user should try at some point. If you’re new to mobile gaming, these games make a great starting point. These are 5 essential Android games.


Transmission Gameplay

One of the most underrated games on Android, Transmission is an essential game that every Android owner who enjoys puzzle games should try. It starts off simple and slowly evolves into a great challenging experience. Amazingly, Transmission is playable offline, free, ad-free and doesn’t have in app purchases or invasive permissions. This makes Transmission an ideal candidate for people that are unsure about gaming on their phones but want to give it a try while still being a must play for seasoned Android gamers.

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Puzzle & Dragons

Puzzle & Dragons (PAD) is the quintessential gacha game. Though it may not have been the first, it certainly helped popularize gacha mechanics as a way of monetizing mobile games. PAD combines traditional match 3 gameplay with RPG mechanics and monster collection. This mix has led to PAD’s prolonged success and what makes it a must try.

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Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans (CoC) popularized the city building war game genre much in the same way that Puzzle & Dragons popularized gacha games. In Clash of Clans your goal is to build up your city, level up your buildings and pillage the cities of other players. Add to that Clans, the ability to set up your defenses in a variety of ways, troop layout strategies, and it’s not hard to see just how deep CoC can get. While some may dismiss it as ‘Pay 2 Win’ and move on, I would recommend trying the game for yourself and making up your own mind. Clash of Clans is certainly a lot more fair than many games in the genre, and that has helped maintain its popularity to this day. If you still haven’t tried it, give Clash of Clans a go.

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Minecraft: Pocket Edition

Minecraft: Pocket Edition is Minecraft on Android, there’s not much more to say.

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Don’t Tap The White Tile (Piano Tiles)

Don’t Tap The White Tile is as good of an example of the unpredictability of success on mobile platforms as any game out there. It’s an extremely simple game where your goal is to tap on black tiles, avoid white tiles and maintain as much speed and accuracy as possible. There are different modes, to play through, an official sequel, and dozens if not hundreds of clones on Google Play. Don’t Tap The White Tile is still a fantastic short-burst time-waster.

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