6 of the Best Android Platformers: Jump On Over

5 of the Best Android Platformers
Super Cat Bros, Cat Bird, Reed, Limbo, Sonic the Hedgehog (left to right)

Here are 5 of the best Android platformers. Because of the sheer number of games out there that could conceivably be called platformer, this list is limited to games that allow the player to control movement, jumping, are not endless, have platforming as the main focus, and are not a transparent attempt to cash in on a popular franchise that isn’t available Android. That means no Super Mario Run, no Doodle Jump, and no Mad Dex. These games are in no particular order as so much of this depends on personal taste.

The Best Android Platformers

Super Cat Bros

Super Cat Bros, as you might have guessed, is heavily inspired by Mario. This is pretty obvious from the game’s graphics, design, enemies, and more. It’s definitely more of an homage to the legendary series than it is an off-brand Mario. Players take control of one of a number of cats as they run, jump, and swim through the game’s many levels. The game is not particularly difficult, instead the challenge is in finding all of the available collectibles and trying to get the fastest time possible on each level. Super Cat Bros is free ads, and reasonable in app purchases. A sequel to the game is also in the works.

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Cat Bird

Cat Bird is the newest game on this list, but it quickly made it into the pantheon of the best Android platformers. It’s a quick platformer where you jump and glide past the game’s many obstacles. It also has some light puzzle elements and a speed running component. With only 45 brief levels, finishing Cat Bird won’t take up much of your time, but it will be time well spent. Cat Bird is free, with ads and an in app purchase to remove the ads. For more info, have a head over to Android Sloth’s review of Cat Bird.

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Reed is a game that can bring out some not so polite language out of people as they fail to time a jump correctly for the 10th time in a row. This is not an easy game, but the controls are good enough that you’ll be blaming yourself and not the game for most of your deaths. Like Cat Bird, Reed has bite-sized levels that involve a little bit of puzzle solving as players figure out the best way through each stage. Reed is $0.99 on Google Play, without any ads or in app purchases.

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A modern classic, the shadows of Limbo hide many ways to die. From monsters to puzzles, the game is not your friend. Unlike many other platformers, Limbo is about the journey of the game and figuring out the game’s world, not about executing perfect jumps. Once you figure out what you’re supposed to do on any given level, the game becomes fairly easy. It’s a fun game to play through, and a must play for anyone who wants to build out a well-rounded gaming library. Limbo is $4.99 on Google Play, without any ads or IAPs.

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Sonic The Hedgehog

With more than a dozen titles that feature SEGA’s mascot on Google Play, Sonic is no stranger to mobile games. The original Sonic The Hedgehog is a game that everyone should try, and thanks to the SEGA Forever, they can. SEGA’s launch of the Forever Collection initially had some mixed reviews, but after a few patches things are rolling along smoothly. Like most SEGA Forever games, Sonic The Hedgehog is free to try and contains ads that can be removed with an in app purchase. This game might be older than many gamers, but it’s still one of the best Android platformers.

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Suzy Cube

Suzy Cube is a fully featured 3D platformer, offering players more than 40 stages filled with obstacles and enemies as they try to recover a stolen treasure trove. The game’s simple controls work exceptionally well considering that users will be playing the game on a touchscreen and controller support is available. Here’s Android Sloth’s Suzy Cube review. Suzy Cube is $3.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases.

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