Asmodee Digital’s 3D “Carcassonne” Adaptation out Now on Android


Not long after releasing racing card game Mille Bornes and text adventure Catan Stories: Legend of the Sea Robbers, Asmodee Digital has published another board game adaptation. This time they worked with Hans Im Gluck and Firma Studios to release a 3D adaptation of the classic board game Carcassonne. Players in Carcassonne place tiles to build a landscape and use their followers (Meeple) to score points. Asmodee’s Carcassonne features online multiplayer with both private and public matches, local multiplayer on a single device, a solo mode, multiple AI difficulty levels and more. Asmodee Digital has promised ongoing support for the game, including new expansions and a new AI setting for those looking for experienced players.

Carcassonne is available for an introductory price of $1.99, and the game contains in app purchases. A Steam version of the game is also available for $9.99. Here is a trailer and an excerpt from the game’s description with more information:

Simple to pick up but challenging to master, the new Carcassonne presents players with endless opportunities for tactical play. Within minutes, players will find themselves in tough situations – determining where to put their last meeple, whether to use tiles to expand the city, or to hinder their opponent. Players place only one tile each round, and have the option to place one meeple on it. Each game develops differently, full of boundless possibilities, and the quick-fire nature of the game ensures that Carcassonne always runs at a brisk pace. 

Interested? Check out Carcassonne – Tiles & Tactics on Google Play

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