Alpha-Beta is 111%’s Latest Arcade Game


The latest game from prolific developer 111% is now available on Google Play. As with most 111% titles like Karl2 and TO:WAR, Alpha-Beta is a simple arcade game. Players control a mob of characters as they attempt to rescue their comrades. Gamers start out with a group of melee attackers (in the shape of an A), and have to run around the game’s map defeating monsters and acquiring keys. Once a key is acquired, players can find a cell filled with some of their comrades and have them join the fight. It’s an easy gameplay cycle to grasp, and the game’s controls are just as easy to understand. The mob of characters is directed via what is effectively a screen sized virtual joystick. Outside of combat players can use gold they’ve accumulated in the game to power up their units in order to make their next run a little bit easier.

Alpha-Beta is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s description with a list of features:

Game Features:
– You can get highscore as your control and strategy.
– Challenge your friends with GooglePlay support.
– Easy and fun to play.
– Simple UI, Fun sound effects, Beautiful design.

Interested? Check out 111%’s newest game on Google Play.

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