10 Weird or Terrible Android Game Names This Week

10 Android games with terrible names

This week in terrible Android game names we have a fine selection of some of the terrible game names Google Play had to offer. From obvious off-brand names, to keyword stuffing, and just weird decision making. These are this week’s picks for the top 10 weird or terrible Android Games.

NOTE: This list is the opinion of the author. Appearance on this list is not an endorsement, or statement regarding a game’s quality. The Google Play links for these games have been omitted. In some cases icons may be censored to remove any obvious items that are likely trademark or copyright violations.

Sponge Runner Fruit

Sponge Runner FruitThis one is a doozy. The icon somehow combines Spongebob Squarepants and the the Snapchat logo. The game itself appears to be a platformer where you play as “Sponge Pop” and collect bananas. The description also promises a “crazy noire forest” level.

Flying Fury Dragon vs Super Goku Warrior Hero

Flying Fury Dragon vs Goku Warrior HeroThis gem comes from the people that brought you such classics as “Driverless Car Driving Sim 3D”.
Fun fact: the word Goku appears 19 times in the game’s description on Google Play.

Real Gun Bottle Shooter Expert: 3D Shooter 2017

Real Gun Bottle Shooter ExpertI’m sure this must be the highly anticipated sequel to “Real Gun Bottle Shooter Expert: 3D Shooter 2016”.

Grand Gangster: Vegas Mafia City

Grand Gangster Vegas Crime CityGames that attempt to cash in on the Grand Theft Auto name are always good for a chuckle.

Grand Gangster: Vegas Port City

Grand Gangster Vegas Port City

Somehow not from the same company as the previous entry on this list.

Spider Warrior city games

Spider Warrior city gameIn what I’m sure is a great sign about the game’s quality, the game’s icon has mirrored text that reads “safe city from gangsters”.

LA Police Dog Crime Patrol: Thief Chase Missions

LA Police DogThieves may come in all shapes, sizes, and professions, but it really looks like this is a dog chasing a helpless office worker.

Funny Heroes: Battle of Clans

Funny Heroes: Battle of Clans
Obvious keywords are obvious. The only thing more obvious is….

Super Daffy Smash Duck Temple World Rush Run World

Super Daffy Smash Duck Temple World Rush Run WorldI mean it has “world” in the name twice. That has to mean something, right?

The War of Mine War

The War of Mine War
If you’re looking for a quality game, check out the real thing, “This War of Mine”(no sarcasm).

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