10 Cube is Sushi Push Publisher’s Newest Puzzle Game

10 Cube

There is no shortage of puzzles for gamers to play on their smartphones. From logic games like Tents and Trees and Sudoku, to games that aim to be relaxing experiences like Hook and Up Left Out, not to mention dozens of different match-3 games. Zplay has added another game to the ever growing mobile puzzle game library with the newly released 10 Cube, an isometric puzzle game that at first glance looks a lot like Tetris.

The new puzzle game has players place Tetris-like blocks of different shapes in order to form complete horizontal and vertical lines. Unlike Tetris, there are no falling blocks to worry about in 10Cube. Instead users choose from three different pieces to place as they try to plan ahead and keep certain pieces in reserve. That eliminates some of Tetris’ quick-thinking elements and instead focuses on long-term planning and more deliberate decision making.

10 Cube promises players over 300 different puzzles to solve and an endless mode to play for as long as possible before running out of space.

Zplay is a Chinese mobile game publisher that is best known for titles like the blocky arcade game Will Hero and the rhythm based obstacle avoiding Beat Racer. More recently, the company has released block sliding puzzle game Push Sushi and 3D hole-in-the-wall game Space Wall. Zplay became the parent company of Canadian indie game publisher and developer Noodlecake Studios after it acquired 70% of the Saskatchewan based company in 2017.

10 Cube is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here’s a trailer with a look at the game:

Interested? Check out the new puzzle game on Google Play.

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