Survivor Royale Is the Latest Attempt at a Mobile Battle Royale Game

Survivor Royale

NetEase Games, the publisher of the excellent Crusaders of Light, has released their Survivor Royale on Android. The game is the latest in an increasingly long line of attempts at creating a mobile battle royale third person shooter. Like other games chasing the success of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), Survivor Royale drops players on an island and lets them settle things until there’s only one person standing.

Survivor Royale’s main mode is a 100 person battle royale. Players are dropped on an abandoned island with nothing but the clothes on their back. To survive they’ll need to find weapons, armor, and figure formulate a plan on how they’ll outlast the other 99 players. Luckily, the island is filled with buildings that mysteriously have plenty of weapons, ammunition, and other gear. Those looking for a bit of co-op to go with their survival are in luck, Survivor Royale has modes for 2 and 4 player teams.

Controls are always an issue in mobile shooters, as touch screens are less than ideal when players often have to aim, move, and shoot at the same time. Many games take one of those out of the equation, opting to heavily restrict player movement, add auto-aiming, or auto firing. Survivor Royale’s primary control scheme has players move using a virtual joystick on left side of the screen, control the camera and aim using the right side of the screen, and shoot using virtual buttons on either the left or right side of the screen. The game also has generous auto aim to help make up for some of the issues that inevitably arise when aiming on a mobile device.

Survivor Royale is free and contains in app purchases.

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