Spell Chaser Pre-Registration Now Open

Spell Chaser

mobirix has opened up pre-registration for their upcoming role-playing game Spell Chaser. Spell Chaser promises to have a focus on building and customizing skill loadouts using a variety of skill cards, and then using those skills in an action RPG environment. The game advertises strategic elements and a focus on character building rather than simply leveling up. Outside of that it looks like your typical mobile action RPG, complete with a virtual joystick on one side of the screen and a big skill wheel on the other.

mobirix has published a large number of games on Google Play, including casual puzzle games, board games, action titles, and RPGs. mobirix’s most successful titles in terms of downloads include Fishing Hook and Snakes & Ladders King. The publisher’s RPG and strategy catalog includes the SRPG Devil Breaker and hero collection game Guardian Soul.

Spell Chaser will be free and include in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and a trailer with more information:

Skill! Collect them and equip them!
Magnificent effects that change with skill combination!
Your unique character is determined by the skills you choose!

Each skill has limitless customization capability!
Create your very own, one of a kind skill!
Customize your skills to maximize the effects!

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