Players Can Go into “The Scrungeon Depths” in a New Rogue-Like

The Scrungeon Depths

Android users can now delve into the Scrungeon Depths, a new rogue-like action game with RPG elements. The Scrungeon Depths gives players a sword, some clothing and sends them on their way into a dungeon filled with monsters. As they descend into the seemingly bottomless dungeon, players are tasked with destroying monster nests that continuously spawn new enemies that want nothing more than to end the player’s adventure. Now of course it wouldn’t be a proper dungeon without loot, so monsters also have a chance of dropping new gear and gold to help players slay more of their brethren. That gold can be used to buy various tools of destruction in the game’s shop, as players try their best to have the gear and skill necessary to take on the game’s boss encounters.

As with any rogue-like game, expect to die a lot in The Scrungeon Depths. Take every death as a lesson, and make your next dive into the depths a good one.

The Scrungeon Depths is $4.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description and a trailer with more information:

With no where to go but down, our fearless hero thrusts himself into a seemingly endless dungeon that knows nothing but pain and misery. Beings spoken about in whispers since the dawn of time known as the Hollow Ones dwell within, controlling the uncontrollable chaos. Welcome to… The Scrungeon Depths.

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