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Recovering Energy in The Sims Mobile

Energy in The Sims Mobile

Each of your Sims can have up to 30 energy points that can be used to speed up events like building relationships with other Sims, job tasks, and hobbies. That 30 point limit does not grow as players level up, but it can be temporarily exceeded if energy is recovered while the meter is close to full or full. The energy meters are independent of each other, so you don’t need to worry about which Sim to invest your energy in.

How To Recover energy in The Sims Mobile

  • Energy regenerates over time at a rate of one point per 3 minutes.
  • A Sim can sleep in a bed to recover energy once every 23 hours. The amount recovered depends on your furniture. Some furniture will have features like “Adds +2 Energy Recharge to Beds” on it.
  • A Sim can recover energy by using the shower once every 5 hours. As with sleeping, the amount recovered can be increased by certain furniture items.
  • A Sim can recover energy by using the toilet once every 2 hours. As with sleeping and showering, furniture can impact the amount recovered.
  • A Sim can recover energy by using a bathtub. As with other functional furniture, the amount of energy recovered can be increased by adding complimentary pieces.
  • Cupcakes restore 30 energy points, they can either be purchased with premium currency or by completing certain tasks like the daily to-do list.
  • When the player levels up the energy of all of your Sims is automatically refilled.

A few notes

  • It does not matter if you have one bed or five, the energy cooldown is associated with the Sim, not the item.
  • Each Sim has their own energy meter, and their own energy recovery cooldowns.
  • When an item gives a bonus towards energy recovery, having two of the same item will not double the bonus.