Iron Marines is now available on Google Play

Iron Marines

Ironhide Game Studio, the team behind the popular Kingdom Rush series, has just released their latest game. Iron Marines is a strategy game that has 14 campaign missions, boss fights, and more. It promises a lot of variety, both in terms of strategy and visuals. Here are the features promised on the game’s google play page:

  • Lead your troops in 14 campaign missions across two different worlds. Get ready to launch bold attacks, hold your ground, rescue civilians, hack supercomputers and all kind of heroic stuff. Each mission requires new tactics and actions to achieve victory. Have I mentioned fights against the tentacles of bizarre underwater creatures?
  • Test your wit on 10 Special Operations with their own combat rules and no mercy at all. Each stage a challenge to remember, with scars to prove it. We dare you.
  • Unlock the Impossible Mode. Only for the most reckless of the dauntless. We double dare you.
  • Defeat massive and unique Bosses in epic battles. They are mean, they are really really huge and they are determined to crush you. Suit up, Marines!!
  • 40+ Upgrades to improve your strategy and empower your units with defense drones, napalm rockets, ricocheting blasts and much more.
  • 9 Heroes with outstanding powers at your command. Train them to their full awesomeness or annoy them at your own risk.
  • 8 Special Weapons to unleash hell on your enemies and give your tactics even more depth. What’s better than a well placed missile? An orbital strike of 50 high explosive missiles!

Iron Marines is $4.99, and the Google Play listing states it contains ads and in app purchases. Those that play the game before September 15th also get a premium hero. Here’s an official trailer for Iron Marines:

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