Deal Alert: Artifex Mundi Game Sale

Artifex Mundi Sale

The full versions of six of Artifex Mundi’s games are on sale this week for $1.99 – $2.99 each down from their original price of $4.99 each. Now is your chance to save on games featuring evil puppeteers, the stories of Grimms’ Fairy Tales, underwater mysteries, time travel, and more.

Artifex Mundi’s collection of adventure games tend to focus on storytelling, find the object gameplay, and puzzles. Since 2006, Artifex Mundi has published over 50 games across a range of platforms, some developed internally others by outside studios like The House of Fables.

Here are the games currently on sale:

Fairy Tale Mysteries, Emerald Maiden, and Time Mysteries 1 are advertised as being enhanced remasters.

Note: Not all games are available in all countries. Discounts and prices may vary by region. Unless otherwise stated, all prices are in USD.
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