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Basketball Rivals

Basketball Rivals – Slam Dunk on your Friends is a new one on one basketball game from MVP Sports, Inc. It looks like and has a lot in common with Miniclip’s Basketball Stars. While Basketball Stars has a number of modes and gameplay types, Rivals just has a standard one on one mode. Basketball rivals uses health bars instead of points to keep track of score. Getting an awesome dunk will take a bigger chunk of your opponent’s health than a 3 point shot. Like Stars, Rivals doesn’t give you direct control over your player, instead giving you the option to move side to side, jab step or fake a shot in an attempt to get your opponent out of position, and the options to drive to the hoop or shoot. On Defense you can attempt to block, steal, and move along with your opponent to prevent them from driving to the hoop.

Players can be customized with new gear, new dunks, and the option to choose your players hairstyle, skin tone, and gender. Chest & card mechanics come into play when you need to power up your dunks so that they do more damage. That adds a bit of pay to win to this Android basketball game.Basketball Rivals is free to play, uses a chest & card system with in app purchases and optional ads.

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