“Age of Cells: Civilization City Building” A New Mobile Puzzle Game

Age of Cells

Age of Cells: Civilization City Building is a new 2048 or Triple Town style puzzle game from Soulgit Games. Those who are looking for a mobile Civilization or Age of Empires game will need to set their sights elsewhere, because this game has nearly nothing in common with those franchises. In Age of Cells players have to make move pieces to connect four identical pieces. That connection creates a single higher tier piece. It’s the same basic principle as games like Triple Town, Threes!, and 2048. If a move doesn’t result in a match of 4 or more pieces, the game will spawn three new pieces on random locations on the game board. When you run out of possible moves, it’s game over.

The civilization part of the game applies to how players advance in the game. Once a player meets certain requirements, they will have the ability to advance to the next civilization tier. These tiers aren’t necessarily connected, as you simply go from a tier like prehistoric tier to the next tier, the ancient (Egyptian) tier. That’s not a bad thing, but Android users should be aware of what this game is, which is a competent tile matching game.

Age of Cells: Civilization City Building is free and contains ads and in app purchases. Here is an excerpt from the game’s Google Play description along with a trailer with more information:

◆Simple rule makes Age of Cells more enjoyable
*Gather 4 identical blocks to create one new building.
*Be Strategic! It looks simple at first, but you only have limited moves in a playboard.

◆Various items are ready
*Use items wisely to beat endless challenges.
*Undo, Switch, Bomb items will help you to get over endless challenges.

◆Fusion of unique puzzle games
* Age of Cells will introduce you to the new world, the fusion of all your favorite puzzle games.
*Each age has customized music that enhances the gameplay experience.

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