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10 of the Best Android Asynchronous Multiplayer Games

Sometimes you want to enjoy a game with friends that don’t share the same schedule as you, or you simply want to take turns playing a game without worrying about being online at the same time. That is where asynchronous multiplayer games come in. Asynchronous (or async) games allow players to take turns making their moves, playing their cards, swinging their club, etc., one by one without the need for both players to be online at the same time.

Asynchronous multiplayer has become popular on Android and iOS when games like Words with Friends let players discover the joy of getting a notification that it’s now their turn to make a move. Since then there have been plenty of games that have given Android users async multiplayer experiences. However they’re often hard to find when asynchronous multiplayer becomes just another bullet point in a long list of features (if that). So here is a list of 10 of the best asynchronous multiplayer games on Android.

To qualify for this list a game must have an online mode that lets players take turns playing with or against each other in the same game, without the need for both players to be online at the same time. That means that racing games that allow players to play against their friend’s ghosts do not qualify.

The games on this list are a mix of paid and premium games. The premium games on this list are among the best asynchronous experiences on Android, so they shouldn’t be dismissed just because they might cost a few bucks upfront. All of these games have modes beyond that which is mentioned here, so check their Google Play listing for more details.

Super Stickman Golf 3

Perhaps the best casual asynchronous multiplayer game around, Super Stickman Golf 3 should be the first option when looking for something to play. As you might have guessed, this is a golf game. It is also filled with lots of new hazards, power-ups and opportunities for crazy trick shots. What that can translate to is watching your friends make impossible shots you would never see coming. Super Stickman Golf 3 is free, with ads and in app purchases.

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Words With Friends

If you are looking at this page, chances are you already know what Words with Friends is about. Now owned by Zynga, Words With Friends is essentially a Scrabble game that became incredibly popular because it featured asynchronous multiplayer at a time when the feature was novel on Android & iOS. Since then many games like Words With Friends have popped up, including two new variants from Zynga. Words with Friends is free with ads and in app purchases.

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Through the Ages

The first of many board games on this list, CGE Digital’s Through the Ages tasks players with building a civilization that stands the test of time. Players must use their resources to advance their civilization, you guessed it, through the ages. Though that might sound to some like the Civilization franchise, this is very much a board game. Chance will play a role as you draw cards that will go help determine what your options are. Then your strategic prowess can begin to go to work on formulating a plan for advancement. Through the Ages costs $9.99 and does not contain any ads or in app purchases.

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Warhammer 40,000: Regicide

Regicide is a very violent take on chess, featuring units from the Warhammer 40K universe. It features a classic mode that uses normal chess rules and adds violence, as well as Regicide mode which has its own set of rules (and violence). Of course it also has asynchronous multiplayer so you can have multiple matches going at the same time. Warhammer 40,000: Regicide is $0.99 and has in app purchases.

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Galaxy Trucker

Sporting a stellar 4.8 star rating on Google Play, Galaxy Trucker is one of the best board games on any mobile platform. Build a space ship from whatever materials you have, survive, and accumulate credits in one of Galaxy Trucker’s many game modes. That of course includes a turn-based asynchronous play. Galaxy Trucker is priced at $4.99, and has an optional expansion pack sold as an in app purchase.

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Epic Little War Game

Epic Little War Game is a turn-based strategy game where players take turns trying to destroy their opponent’s military force. If you want to exercise your military might in this asynchronous multiplayer game it will cost you $0.99. Epic Little War Game does not contain any ads or in app purchases.

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Patchwork The Game

Patchwork may be a part of a crowded field of board games with asynchronous multiplayer, but it stands out. First and foremost are the cute-as-a-button visuals that make this an appealing game for gamers of all ages. Patchwork also has cross-platform mutliplayer, so it will not matter if your friends are on Android or iOS. So are you ready to compete against your friends to see who can make the best quilt? Patchwork is $2.99 with in app purchases that let you add some visual flare to the game (without impacting gameplay).

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Gladiabots is one of the more unique games you will see on Android or anywhere else. It is billed as a tactical bot programming game, and that describes it perfectly. Players are tasked with programming the behavior AI of their robot army and then pit it against the armies of their friends (or enemies). There are ample tutorials to get you started on your programming adventure. Gladiabots features asynchronous cross-platform multiplayer, and is free with in app purchases.

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Eight-Minute Empire

Eight-Minute Empire is a quick empire building board game. The game is designed for quick sessions, hence the name, and can be played against 2-5 players (or AI, or a mix of the two). Players pick which cards to play as they attempt to balance resource collection and area control, both of which factor into the final score. Eight-Minute Empire features both traditional and asynchronous multiplayer game modes, so you and your friends can compete for world domination even if your schedules don’t quite line up. Eight-Minute Empire costs $4.87 and has in-app purchases to unlock an expansion and new maps.

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Worms 3

Team 17 Digital’s Worms 3 is the classic Worms experience, but on mobile and with asynchronous multiplayer. If you’re not familiar with Worms, it is a classic PC franchise that pits heavily armed worms against each other. Players take turns try to blow apart their opponent, or even blow away the ground on which they stand and send them to a watery grave. Unfortunately the game has not been updated in quite some time, and some users have had less than ideal experiences, so approach with caution. Worms 3 is $4.99 and has in app purchases.

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